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3 Best Hair Care Tips

Most of you would be finding the cheapest and Best Hair Care Tips to help your hair grow faster and stronger because, you feel the depth of your personality lies on your hair.

And also many of you may have consulted experts to treat your hair but how many of you know that, you can care your hair best at home?

Further, here you will come to know the Best Hair Care Tips with less expense with quality.

Best Hair Care Tips

These are some of the Best Hair Care Steps that can definitely bring your hair problem a way out and they are;

1. Warm Oil Hair Care

You could have scolded your grandmas when they had told you to apply warm oil and now it is proved by experts as Hair Care is successful through warm oil application.

As, applying warm natural oil on your scalp can help your hair care immensely such as;

  • Help in your scalp health, and
  • Support your hair texture.

Further, here are some best natural oil that you can use for your hair care at home, where you will not spend extra money.

1. Coconut Oil

hair care

One of the best and ancient known natural oil is coconut oil can do great magic on all hair types and coconut oil is locally available and affordable any where around the world. And coconut oil suppprts in your hair care for some reasons such as;

  • Coconut Oil removes away your dandruff,
  • It can softens your hair,
  • Helps to repair the split-ends of hair, and 
  • Also can boost your hair growth also protects the hair from losing protein.

To get best results, better for you to use the virgin coconut oil.

2. Castor Oil

hair care

The next oil that is best for your hair care is cator oil which is extracted from castor seeds and it has many health benefits mainly for your hair care.

Because, Castor Oil is a great moisturiser that can help you prevent the scalp from flaking. And also It can reduces the breakage of your hair roots by providing nourishment to your hair.

2. Onion Juice Hair Care

hair care

How many of you know that Onion is a best remedy for hair care? and the answer is a definite yes.

Because, onion is filled with nutrients and benefits for hair growth and hair re-growth as It keeps the scalp free of infection due to the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of onion juice.

Further, onion juice also contain sulphur that can prevent your hair from becoming brittle and break as it also contain antioxidants to prevent your hair from ageing and greying.

Furthermore, you will find the onion juice to have bad odour, then you can add a few drops of lavender oil or any other good smelling essential oil to get rid of the bad odour.

How to Make the Onion Juice Remedy

It is very easy to make the Onion Juice Remedy for hair care.

  • Just squeeze few onions.
  • And apply the juice on your scalp.
  • Then, keep it on your scalp for few minutes.
  • Finally, rince it off with water.

Repeat this remedy atleast once a week to get best result.

3. Green Tea Hair Care

hair care

Green Tea contains EGCG and antioxidant that is great for the hair care to strengthen your hair follicles to reduce hair loss and thinning of your hair.

And Green Tea treats your dandruff and care your scalp that can regulates your scalp’s protein levels and you can use shampoos with green tea or even massage with cooled cup of green tea onto the hair.

Because, this magic ingredient for hair care and when you use a conditioner to make your hair nourished, softer and more smoother.

Finally, it is most important to follow a proper food diet to take good care of your hair and the above stated remedies are the best and quick for your hair care.

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