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6 Beautiful Places in Ukraine that were Eye Catching but Not Now

Ukraine was a country with a rich culture that is located on the Eastern side of Europe but now it is slowly turning towards destruction.

Because, of the ongoing Russia and Ukraine war, various Beautiful Places in Ukraine are so eye catching, where you will not feel to leave those places or take off your eyes that were once tourist attractions are now to only broken pieces

But, you cannot see the beautiful places in Ukraine anymore because, of the continues war attack prevailing in Ukraine.

As, people cannot bear this devastating war specially on the 8th day. Now people are uniting to stand against this unjustified war.

Beautiful Places in Ukraine that are no more now

The beautiful places in Ukraine that are discussed here are totally destroyed because of the war and they are;

1. Lviv – House of Scientists

beautiful places in Ukraine

Among the most beautiful places in Ukraine Lviv- the House of Scientist was such an attractive place ukraine had to boast of because, of its awesome architecture and beauty.

The people who like and were peacefully going around in this place with their;

  • Daily life,
  • Raising Children,
  • Working,
  • Creating Something New,
  • Saving to spend a Vacation.

But now, the people suddenly have to hide in a bomb shelter, go to their country as no vacation and without basic freedoms.

2. The Metro Station

beautiful places in Ukraine

The Metro Station in kyiv also comes under beautiful places in Ukraine and this place is really mind blowing to look around as a place of great inspiration and creative freedom.

Further, this Metro Station can be the perfect place for you to hide and to enjoy with your loved ones.

3. The Church of St. Nicholas on Water

 beautiful places in Ukraine

The Church of St. Nicholas on Water in Ukraine had captured the most of tourists attraction and this church was built in 1850 with the icons painted by painter Dicho Zograf.

Further, this church served as the main village church of Mavrovo but the church sinked under water because of the construction of the hydroelectric power station in Mavrovo and the artificial Mavrovo Lake.

Furthermore, in the summer periods of drought, the church is through land so this landdcape gradually turned to catch people’s eye and many came to see the church.

But, you need to know that the church and its mind relaxing beauty is no more to see because of the destruction made through the war of Ukraine.

4. The Tunnel of Love

 beautiful places in Ukraine

The Tunnel of Love are mainly among the beautiful places in Ukraine that is very famous around the world and It is a railway that is surrounded with green ashes which can make anyone fall in love. 

Moreover, The Tunnel of Love in ukraine is well known to be a favorite place for couples to take.
But, the beauty that was there in the tunnel of love too is no more for you to see and enjoy because of war destruction.

5. The Old Wooden House

 beautiful places in Ukraine

This Old Wooden House in ukraine that is next to Zbrui village is a house that will make you feel like being in a disney world and you need to know, it is also among the beautiful places in Ukraine.

Further, this deserted house in the village prove about the Folk architecture which was the work of master carpenters and masons and even made sometimes by the ordinary peasants. 

But, this beautiful place in ukraine once you saw is also damaged by the war.

6. The Pillow Sculpture

 beautiful places in Ukraine

The Pillow Sculpture at Kyiv in Ukraine is a beauty that you must see and enjoy as it is so amazing built up and many outsiders visit ukraine as it included in the beautiful places in Ukraine.

And this beautiful sculpture of a child sitting on a series of pillow too is not to been anymore and maybe, when you will visit ukraine one day this sculpture won’t be seen again.

Finally, you will be able to understand the beauty ukraine had but because of the on going war between Ukraine and Russia.

As, both of these countries are loosing many valuable landscapes that must be protected for history.

Let’s join hands to stay together against this evil war!

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