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7 Interesting Facts about Nature that are Shocking

Facts about Nature are always interesting and mysterious to know as nature changes time time by bringing out new information.

Facts about Nature that are Shocking

You can simply define Nature as Life because without nature there is no life at all and this nature contains of countless facts are still hided.

Further, here you will know the Facts about Nature that are found by scientists but known by less people and they are:

1. Heaviest Bony Fish in the World

facts about nature

Usually, when you imagine a normal fish then, you imagine small and light in weight. But, Do you know about the Heaviest Bony Fish in the World?

Further, the meaning of bony is thin while the meaning of heaviest means more in weight but this specific fish got the identity as Heaviest Bony Fish in the World.

And the Fish is called as; Mola Mola also because of the mola’s different shape with slimy and brimming of parasites.

Moreover, this fish is a shapeshifter that win every vertebrate fish in the ocean, even the dupe unwitting scientists and they are also considered one of the weirdest fish in the world.

2. Facts about Trees and Stars

facts about nature

Scientists had estimated that there are about 200 to 400 billion stars in our galaxy while the amount of trees on earth are estimated as 1 trillion trees on Earth.

And like the stars, the trees live a long time also are truly important for life so, trees are more in count than the stars.

3. Facts about Seahorses

facts about nature

Seahorses are aquatic animals that are very attractive to see and here you will know some Facts about Nature related to Seahorses.

As, when the female sea horse lays her eggs during the pregnancy period. She gives her eggs to the male sea horse and it is the male sea horse that will carry the eggs in a pouch on its stomach that is capable to carry babies of about 2,000 at a time.

Further, the pregnancy lasts for 10 to 25 days and it depends on the species.

4. Interesting Facts about Tiger

facts about nature

Researchers have found that tigers will seek vengeance on whom have did something wrong to them.

And it was told that in one situation a tiger kept its grudge for a hunter, over 48 hours before attacking that hunter for attempting to kill it.

5. Facts about Nature related to Sloth

facts about nature

Sloth is a mammal that is well noted for their slowness of movement and the sloth spend most of their lives hanging upside down in the trees.

Further, they live in the tropical rainforests of Central America and South America while in the collection of Facts about Nature, the Sloth also has a special place.

Moreover, Sloths need to climb up and down trees so they climb down only once in a week to poop because, when they do go down sloth must be more careful with the predators so they poop only once a week.

6. The Warning Tree

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Arcadia trees that grows all over the African savannah have a unique protective system as when animals such as; Antelopes start to gobble up its leaves, the tree begins to increase tannin – (bitter taste acids found in some leaves and fruits of plants) to make animals feel toxic.

And also this tree emits a cloud of ethylene gas that spread all over the air, reaching other trees to make them produce more tannins for those tree’s protection.

7. Facts about cow and Shark

facts about nature

Sharks are animals that can make you shiver and they kill an average of four people per year, while the cows kill an average of 22 people per year annually.

As Cows gather in a circle facing outwards, lowering their heads and stamping the ground. When they feel unprotected.

Finally, these are only few important Facts about Nature as there are many more to know.

Hope these facts can make you understand the mystery of nature!

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