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8 Best Foods for Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 2 is a disorder in the way your body control and uses the sugar (glucose) as a fuel in your body.

And this is a long-term (chronic) condition that results, when your body generates in too much sugar circulation in your blood flow and this high blood sugar levels can lead to damage your;

  • Circulatory System,
  • Nervous System and
  • Immune Systems.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type 2

diabetes type 2

When you get Diabetes Type 2, you can see the causes and Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms usually develop slowly as even you can be living with Diabetes Type 2 for years and not know it.

And when you get signs and symptoms then, you need to be much careful and be attentive with these symptoms;

  • Your thirst increase,
  • Frequently you will feel to  urinate,
  • You will feel hungry more,
  • Gradually you lose weight,
  • You will feel much Lazy,
  • Slowly your vision will turn blurred,
  • The wounds heals very slowly,
  • You get frequent infections,
  • Numbness or tingling in your hands or feet,
  • Your usually in the armpits and neck skin areas will get darkened usually.

After you notice these Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms then, it is the time to see your doctor.

Best Foods to Eat for Diabetes Type 2

You must follow a strict Diabetes Type 2 Diet to control your diabetes type 2.

1.    Eat more of Nuts

diabetes type 2

To cure from Diabetes Type 2, you should eat more Nuts like;

  • Almonds,
  • Pistachios,
  • Walnuts,
  • Hazelnuts, and
  • Cashews.

Add these types of Nuts in your food diet as Nuts are examples of healthiest fats.

2.    Broccoli

diabetes type 2

Another food to get cured from diabetes type 2 is Broccoli as it is really good for you and this is high in nutrients like vitamin C, Fiber and Potassium.

Further, Broccoli is best when you steamed it or roast with olive oil to reduce high blood sugar level.

3.    Eggs

diabetes type 2

One best food for diabetes type 2 is Eggs as it fall into the category of lean protein but don’t t eat too much.

And when you eat an egg every day, it might increase your risk of diabetes.

4.    Avocado

diabetes type 2

You should eat an rich carbohydrate food with a caloric equivalent of an avocado for breakfast as it can help you improve your blood glucose levels but not more.

5. Salmon

diabetes type 2

Salmon is a food rich in omega-threes but you should consume too many omega-six fatty acids as it will promote inflammation.

And when you eat salmon, definitely it can help you in diabetes type 2 but just keep it for only two or three weeks to eat.

6.    Consume Green Leaves

diabetes type 2

Green Leaves are always filled with nutrients so eat green leaves like;

  • Spinach,
  • Kale,
  • Swiss chard and
  • Collard Greens.

As these are Non-starchy vegetables that are great for you to add lots of volume, and fiber to a plate with few calories and it also contain little carbohydrates than other starchy vegetables.

8.    Olive Oil

diabetes type 2

Olive oil is well known for the high amount of its mono-unsaturated fatty acids because it can controll your blood sugars.

And you can also cook other foods using olive oil or use it as a base for any homemade salad with low-sugar.

8.    Garlic

diabetes type 2

Garlic is considered as a secret weapon for your diabetes type 2 so, add it in your food diets as garlic can help you balance your blood sugar level.

And garlic also can taste the vegetables when cooked so, add it to cure your diabetes type 2.

Finally, Diabetes Type 2 is an serious condition in the types of diabetes so you must first take best care.

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