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8 Best Foods that will Help to Grow Hair Faster

Many of you will definitely need to grow hair faster, have strong and healthy hair, especially when you grow older.

Further, it is found that your hair grows only around 0.5 inches per month and 6 inches for a year and to grow hair faster, you need to have a healthy diet.

Best Foods to Grow Hair Faster

You cannot change your age and genetics but, diet is something that you have to control over and consuming a diet with lack of right nutrients can lead to hair loss.

Further, the following food types are best to help you grow hair faster:

1.  Nuts

grow hair faster

Usually, many of you will like Nuts as they are tasty and filled with variety of nutrients to promote hair grow faster And Nut contains variety of nutrients like;

  • Vitamins,
  • Zinc and
  • Essential Fatty Acids.

As these nutrients help to increase your hair grow faster so, adding Nuts is an excellent and easy addition to your diet.

2.  Meat

grow hair faster

Meat is another food diet and it is rich in nutrients to your hair grow faster as the protein in meat also helps to repair and strengthen your  hair follicles.

Further, the red meat is rich in a type of iron that is easy to absorb and this mineral helps the red blood cells deliver oxygen to all cells in your body to your hair grow faster.

Because, if you have deficiencies in protein and iron then your hair will begin fall off.

3.  Egg

grow hair faster

Eggs are best source of protein and biotin that can help your hair grow faster. And when you eat enough  protein, it will increase your  hair growth because hair follicles are made mostly by protein and if you have lack of protein in your diet it will weaken your hair follicles.

Furthermore, Research has  shown that consuming more biotin can help your hair grow faster.

4.  Avocado

grow hair faster

You may not have thought that Avocado could help your hair grow faster but this fruit does it so well.

And Avocado provides natural oils that help to keep your hair soft and to help your hair maintain moisture with nutrients rich in vitamins like:

  • Vitamins A,
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Vitamin D, and
  • Vitamin E.

Because, the above vitamins can 100% boost your hair grow faster.

5.  Salmon

grow hair faster

Salmon are very tasty foods that most of you like to consume so it will not be difficult for you to search for them as the Fatty fish like salmon, is rich in nutrients such as Omega-3 Fatty Acid to keep your hair supple.

6.  Guava

grow hair faster

Guava is a food which is considered as medicine became of its marvelous health benefits and guava can promote your hair grow faster seriously.

As this tropical fruit is filled up with vitamin C that can help your body produce collagen, a substance that helps to make your hair grow faster, stronger and soft.

7.  Spinach

grow hair faster

You may have definitely had the experience, where your mom shouts at you to have green vegetables with a story of your hair growing faster

Because, the Leafy green vegetables specially like spinach, contain the nutrients like:

  • Folate and
  • Iron.

That are both important for your hair to maintain a healthy blood supply to your hair and Spinach also contain vitamin C to support you strengthen your collagen production.

8.  Grapes

grow hair faster

Did you ever know that Grapes are food that can promote your hair grow faster? And the answer is Yes because, it contains  polyphenolic compounds with antioxidant properties to help you reduce cellular damage.

Further, if you began to eat about a cup of grapes per day that will be sufficient to help you protect your hair fall.

Finally, the above mentioned food for your hair grow faster are approved by researchers so, make your daily food diet with one of these food types to grow your hair faster.

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