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Boost Immunity with 5 Home Remedies

The most spoken problem today is the COVID – 19 Virus where each and everyone is advised to be careful. And the only key factor that can protect you is possessing of a strong Immunity system. But, More than consuming capsules you can Increase your Immunity Systems easily through Home Remedies.

How to Improve Immunity?

It is much easier than you think to Boost Immune System Naturally and some of the Quick Natural Home Remedies are;


boost immunity

Garlic is one of the best food that you can find anytime in your kitchen and found almost everywhere around the world.

And you can afford it easily, just add garlic in your daily food or consume it after boiling Garlic.

Further, Garlic have natural immunity power in fighting infections and can help you to lower your blood pressure.

Garlic Home Remedy Method:

  • Easiest way is add when you cook or,
  • Cook the garlic cloves without removing its skin in low heat.
  • Then, after the garlic is soft eat it.


boost immunity

The food known as a power agent is Ginger as it is consumed after getting sick and you need not search or not expensive as, Ginger can help quickly to Increase Antibodies Naturally

Ginger Home Remedy Method:

  • Remove the outer skin of the Ginger and cut it into small pieces.
  • Second, Grind the Cut Ginger without adding water.
  • Then, Squeeze the grinded garlic with a strainer.
  • Finally, Add little honey for taste also as it is also an food to boost immunity.

There is no specific time to have it but best to have it after breakfast.

3.Foods Containing Vitamin C

boost immunity

Most of the people today consume or have Vitamin C when you caught a cold because it helps to Build up your Immune System.

And Vitamin C is a nutrition that increases your white blood cells production that are outmost important to fight against diseases.

Further, all Citrus Fruits (Yellow and Orange Fruits) are rich in vitamin C and it is easy to squeeze to add in any of your meal.

Popular Citrus Fruits are like:

  • Orange
  • Grape
  • Lemon
  • Lime

Because your body do not produce or store it so, you have to take Vitamin C daily or frequently for your health.

Moreover, it is found through research as most adults need:

  • 75 mg of Vitamin C for women
  • 90 mg of Vitamin C for men

You could have heard during the lock down period, how everyone advised each other to consume more Foods Containing Vitamin C. As, Vitamin C is also an important weapon to Increase your Immunity. Cheap and Best foods that contain high Vitamin C are;

  • Green and Red Pepper
  • Orange
  • Tomato
  • Sweet and White Potatoes
  • Carrot
  • Papaya
  • Guavas
  • Broccoli
  • Lemon
  • Strawberry and so on..

And there is no specific method or time in having these foods as you can eat them anytime.

4.Red Chili Pepper

boost immunity

Another, master food that can Increase your Immunity System is Red Chili Pepper as it contain almost 3 times of Vitamin C and rich source of Beta Carotene that’s needed for your strong immunity.

As a result, add this food in your food diet and see the change as it can help you to get a healthy skin, good eyesight and many other health benefits.


Having a strong Immunity System is very important to have a healthy and long life so, it’s your responsibility to consume foods that can Increase your Immunity System.
Increase your Immunity and have a safe life!

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