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Hair Care Routine

In life for whatever you do there is a routine, which means an action done regularly so, if you need to care for your hair growth and health. Then a Hair Care Routine is very important.

And many of you will like to have attractive strong hair without any routine because no one wishes to live by a time table so, here you will get to know some easy hair care routine that you can follow for few days and not long.

Further, these easy and less time followed hair care routine will not eat up your money and expectations.

The Seven Days Hair Care Routine

This Hair Care Routine is only for seven days and you will definitely get hoped results of your hair growth and hair strengthening.

And this 7 days hair care routine is very simple and there is nothing to stress of and the steps are as follows:

1. Have the Right Food

hair care routine

You maybe a persom who desires to have nice grown hair but not follow a healthy food diet so, only for 7 days eat these foods to see your hair growth.

  • Add green leaves in your meals.
  • Drink enough water.
  • If you don’t like vegetables then, have it only for these 7 days.
  • Include one raw onion and two raw tomatoes in your food diet.
  • Consume more Fruits.
  • Add up Pulses too.
  • Atleast for 7 days eat eggs as it is best to consume.

Further, When you take this 7 days hair care routine, make sure that you will avoid junk food and eat healthy food. also, healthy diet will make your hair super healthy and support your hair growth.

Moreover, One special food to have is; drink Carrot juice for this 7 days hair care routine
and when you start doing these atleast thinking these food items are medicine for your hair, within 7 days you will definitely see good results.

2. Sleep 7 Hours at Night

hair care routine

Nowadays, many of you will be night workers so your sleeping schedule may differ but in this 7 days hair care routine, you must sleep 7 hours at night to see your results. 

Because, good peaceful sleep is very very important for your hair care to make it grow faster and healthier.

So, make sure you sleep well for at least these 7 days for 7 hours daily and that too at night and not late mornings. If you really need nice thick hair.

3. Hair Massage in Inversion Method

hair care routine

Usually, no one will bother to massage the scalp even you but it is also very effective for your hair care routine atleast for 7 days.

And the inversion method of hair massage is the easiest hair growth method that can help you speed up your hair growth. 

Further, All you need to do is just bend and put down your hair upside down every day in these 7 days.

Then, massage your hair softly using tips of your fingers that too whenever you have time in the 7 days hair care routine.

4. Brush your Hair with wooden Comb

hair care routine

Thinking of trend, you will use plastic combs or brushes but it is time for you to replace your plastic combs and brushes to the wooden combs.

Because, it can do magic for your hair as it helps to distribute natural oils evenly while, making your hair  healthy and look attractive.

So, comb your hair 3 times per day  with wooden comb atleast in these 7 days hair care routine to see positive results.

5. Apply Warm Oil on Scalp

hair care routine

The most important among all the above mentioned steps to follow for 7 days is application of warm oil on your scalp and you will get the best results over your expectation.

And the only thing, you need to do is; Apply pre heated oil on your scalp twice per day atleast in these 7 days hair care routine and then massage your head in inversion method.

Finally, and definitely when you follow the above five simple techniques for only 7 days you will be amazed to see the results.

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