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How to Avoid Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational Diabetes is a disease that come in your body, when your blood glucose called as, blood sugar is too high and it is an long-lasting health condition 

As, most of the food you eat is broken down into sugar known as glucose is released into your bloodstream because, your Blood glucose is your main source of energy that’s comes from the food you eat.

And when your blood sugar get high, it signals your pancreas to release insulin –( insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas to help glucose from food) which acts like a key to let your blood sugar into your body cells to use as energy.

How Gestational Diabetes is Produced in your Body?

gestational diabetes

The Gestational Diabetes is affected to pregnant ladies when sometimes, your body does not make enough insulin or  does not use the insulin well as glucose  stays in your blood and does not reach your cells.

Also, When your blood produces too much sugar this can too cause health problems to pregnant women even though, diabetes has no cure to manage your diabetes to stay healthy.

And Gestational Diabetes usually develops around the 24th week of a women’s’ pregnancy so, you have to take tests between 24 and 28 weeks of your pregnancy.

What Should be done at High Risk of Gestational Diabetes?

gestational diabetes

If you are at a higher risk of Gestational Diabetes then, your doctor can test your  blood sugar level and it will be higher than normal in your pregnancy.

And it can show you as you have type 1 diabetes  or type 2 diabetes without showing you have gestational diabetes but you need to know that you have gestational diabetes and take steps to prevent the diabetes or get protected from it.

How to Avoid Gestational Diabetes?

gestational diabetes

This diabetic begins when you turn pregnant but before you get pregnant then, you should take necessary steps to avoid Gestational Diabetes.

Easy Ways to avoid Gestational Diabetes

  • First, you can prevent gestational diabetes by losing weight if you are overweight by doing regular physical exercise.

PRECAUTION: Do not try to lose your weight if you are already pregnant.

  • If you are underweight then you need to gain weight for your baby’s health and avoid Gestational Diabetes with doctor’s advice.

Food Diets to follow to avoid Gestational Diabetes

gestational diabetes

Eat a balanced healthy diet to support you manage gestational diabetes and below food diet is for women with gestational diabetes but do NOT take insulin.

Further, If you are a vegetarian or on a special diet then, consult your doctor about the foods you need to include.  

But, the below foods are general and safe foods that you can eat to avoid or be protected from adverse effects of Gestational Diabetes.

  • Drink plenty of Water as water contain no Carbohydrates or Calories so it is best for pregnant women to control blood sugar.
  • Eat more of whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Include more foods that contain proteins and healthy fats.
  • Sufficient amounts of whole grains like; Cereal, Pasta, and Rice.
  • Eat a balance amount of starchy vegetables such as; Peas and corn but not too much.
  • Reduce the consumption of foods that have a lot of sugar like; Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, and Pastries
  • You should eat three small sized meals and one or more snacks each day without skipping.
  • The amount and types of food that are Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins same each day to keep your blood sugar stable.

Finally, these easy tips can definitely help you avoid Gestational Diabetes but make sure you consult your doctor too for baby’s health and yours.

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