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How to Groom to Make the Most of Your Shower Time

Like many of you probably think, sure… showers are wonderful. Taking a shower is certainly one of the only moments you take a break from your day to practice a little selfcare, regardless of whether you do it in the morning, at night, at the gym, or at a rest stop. You don’t even need to be grooming-obsessed to understand the value of a nice shower and how to maximize your shower time.

It would be a treat to have more than five minutes to clean up, so a day-long shower seems like a dream. Moreover, since the typical American shower utilizes 17.2 gallons of water, it is our responsibility to move quickly.

For this reason, it’s necessary to maximize your shower time in whatever manner you can. Actually, you can complete around 90% of your grooming process in the shower, and some people even argue that it’s preferable. Here is how to go about it.

Keep in mind your body zones to take into consideration as you bathe before moving on to grooming tips for the shower.

  • Hair: Wash your hair first so that you don’t get dirt in your mouth or eyes while washing your face afterwards. Your hair also makes a nice loofah and isn’t as gross as lower body.
  • Face: Wash it off. Mostly, it’s to make your beard softer before shaving. Never wash your face with a loofah, bar of soap, or used cloth. Yuck! Use a safety razor and a badger brush to shave.
  • Upper body: Your neck, stomach, arms, and occasionally your back are all considered to be parts of your upper body. Your back is how filthy? Plus, there is a constant stream of cleaning since people stand with their backs to the water. Wash your back if you want to dislocate your shoulder. Yes, mate.
  • Armpits: The amount of sweating you produced depended on the intensity of your gym session or whether you performed manual labor outside in the heat of the day. Decide. Follow the order of cleanest to dirtiest.
  • Lower body: includes everything below the waist, including the legs and the feet. Do not neglect the legs, “under the leaf,” and “back of the leaf” areas in this final zone.
  • Below the knees: You are not required to cover anything below the knees. Others have neglected to wash their legs for months. When you shower, the rough bathtub surface serves as a second loofah. As usual, there are 70% more guys who don’t wash below the knees than there are who do. This area is optional.

How to Make the Most of Your Shower Time with These 10 Grooming Tips

To save time, multitasking is crucial. Don’t be hesitant to batch up your grooming duties if you want to cut a few minutes off your daily routine. In the shower, one can brush, floss, shave, and even trim nails without experiencing any negative side effects. Just use these grooming suggestions to cut down on shower time.

1. Put a mask on

Apply a detoxifying face mask on your face before starting the shower. They frequently include clay or charcoal, which will take away dirt and pollutants as they dry and offer you a far deeper clean than your typical face wash.

If you frequently have razor burn or body acne, you can even take it down to your neck. This will exfoliate and clean your skin, making shaving less painful and difficult (like sanding a piece of furniture before you paint it).

If you want a mask that won’t leave your skin feeling tight after you wash it off with warm water, look for ones that also contain moisturizing nutrients like Jojoba Oil.

2. Co-Wash

In this situation, it’s crucial to streamline your hair washing procedures, but 5-in-1 solutions aren’t the ideal solution. The majority of them focus more on washing and less on conditioning, which might result in clean, dry hair.

Use a Co-Wash, which flips that ratio and is also referred as as a conditioning wash, instead. It has a conditioner-like appearance and feel and cleans your hair without removing its natural oils.

If you have thin or straight hair, search for co-wash bottles without adjectives like “decadent” or “deep.” Some co-washes can be a little heavy. A little bit longer than you would with a typical shampoo, leave it on.

3. Shave with the steam

We all know that the best time to shave is just after a shower since the steam softens the hair on our faces and the moisture lessens irritation. But for for that reason, shaving in the shower is preferable. The closest shave you’ll receive outside of the barbershop will be in the shower.

The continual stream of steam maintains pores open and induces a state of suppleness in hair follicles that makes them simpler to trim. Your pre-shave lotion will absorb more quickly and provide superior skin protection.

4. Mirror Defogger

The fact that a shower shave is done blindly may be its worst drawback. However, there is a simple solution if you happen to have a little mirror on hand: Simply clean the surface with shaving cream before the steam begins to build, and the mirror won’t fog up.

5. Utilize body wash (and Loofah)

Your hands simply won’t do if you plan to use a body wash. Use a loofah, commonly referred to as a “spongy mesh ball thing,” to exfoliate your skin as you wash. This not only helps to make the way for a better clean but also makes your skin feel softer and healthier.

A washcloth will accomplish the same task, but the benefit of using a loofah is that you won’t need to remember to wash it. Simply be sure you replace it every few months.

6. Utilize a shower lotion

I don’t know if you like lotion, but I don’t. I usually forget once I get out of the shower, which is one of the reasons I can’t seem to make the transition. But dry skin can hurt, especially during the winter. Our bodies can develop rough elbows and knees, cracking skin on our hands, and dry skin that itches and flakes all over.

The greatest method to maintain comfort and healthy skin is to moisturize your entire body. I prefer a lotion or oil that can be applied to wet skin while in the shower because it is designed to help the skin retain more moisture. This should come shortly before you turn the water off as the final step in your optimized shower routine.

7. Brushing Your Teeth

Unexpectedly, the concept of brushing your teeth in the shower can create strong feelings of either support or opposition. Opponents claim that it causes more bacteria to grow on your brush in a damp environment, while supporters claim that it saves time and water.

As long as you still brush twice daily for a full two minutes and don’t keep your brush in the shower all the time, the American Dental Association has no problem with you brushing in the shower (seems like there is truth to that bacteria claim).

In either case, you can perform your entire grooming routine, which should always including brushing your teeth, in the shower.

8. Cleansing Your Feet

Scrubbing in the shower down to your knees. Some of us practice it, while others don’t. Even though I don’t usually scrub my feet in the shower, getting a pumice stone improved my life.

The hot water from a shower softens the tough, hard skin of your feet, just like it does on the majority of other parts of your body. Even if you’ve never sat in a pedicure chair, using one of these stones to gently sand away calluses and dry spots can keep your feet looking wonderful.

9. Lastly, focus on your face

You can do it if you want to save time. The last thing you want to do after taking advantage of your better all-inclusive shower is to apply extra lotion. These pads combine all the necessary skin care products, including moisturizer, antioxidant serum, and anti-aging cream.

Once you’ve dried off, simply swipe one over your face; you hardly need to touch it again. You just need to add some hair product at this point, and you’re done.

10. Properly dry your hair.

Although rubbing a towel through your hair may seem very natural, this isn’t necessarily the best course of action. In fact, using a towel too much might cause hair to dry out too much and become frizzy. Instead, use an old cotton t-shirt to pat your hair dry. The fabric will absorb exactly the right amount of water, leaving your hair feeling silky and smooth.


That is 10 Grooming Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Shower Time. Once you have it down, the full process should only take five to ten minutes. And, gentlemen, don’t forget to play some decent music and enjoy with your usual singing in the shower.

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