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The Dying Today’s Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is considered one of the best country to live due to its beautiful and rich nature with splendid climate and location.

But now, the beauty, peace, sustainability of Sri Lanka that was ones had is no more too see as one of the dramatic change in the history of Sri Lanka took place in 2022 which changed many people’s life even my own self.

Further, in this 20th Century how many of you can live without electricity, petrol, gas and food? but today’s Sri Lankan people are living such a life with hardship to fulfill their basic need.

Life of Every Sri Lankan Today

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Because, of this prevailing situation the local people are completely against the Sri Lankan government and are protesting against the present President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and for last few weeks this protest is continuing all over Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, We are in a situation to stay in queues to get less petrol, kerosene and even food and the number of death increase each day of 10 to 20 people who are in the queue to get less petrol and even kerosene oil which is also a reason to write about Sri Lanka today.

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And the cost of living in Sri Lanka is very high so many are in hunger and resulting death as all the things in Sri Lanka are in high price now like;

  • A packet of milk is 2000rs.
  • A loaf of bread ( that was affordable for a poor family) is 180rs now.
  • To travel in the bus, we need 150rs in hand which was the only transport service for middle class people.
  • The price of 1 litre Petrol is over 300rs
  • The price of gas for cooking purpose is 4000rs and
  • Even 1 candle is 100rs which is needed when the current cuts for over 14 hours per day and so on..
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By just knowing these price rate in Sri Lanka, you must have understood the hardship each Sri Lankan is facing without any war but through economic crisis.

We are suffering because of the debts over debts taken by the rajapaksa family for their own luxury happiness. Each and every human in Sri Lanka are in a condition to fear about next day’s meal.

sri lanka

Also, even the online workers are also facing problems to earn because the government blocks the social media and data frequently so there is no way to atleast earn for living through online platforms.


Not only by staying in queues people die but many people are dieing in Sri Lanka due to hunger and poverty.

Heart Breaking Incident of a Poor family in Sri Lanka

Recently, A poor family composed of 3 little kids with the Mother and Father suicide themselves because they had no food to eat anymore also we came to know about it too late after the whole family lost their life, this is an assination done by the rajapaksa family to an innocent family.

And those little kids of one aged 5, other age 2 and the last child was a baby of 3 months breaked my heart, when I came to know it was the mother who gave poison to the children and husband as she couldn’t see them crying in hunger then, she too had poisoned herself. It gave me a thought to speak out through my words.

Other than this family, each day many are committing suicide and the government hides it which is more cruel to even think.

Today, I’m raising my voice out for the innocent Sri Lankan people including me as even I don’t know about my situation the next moment.

Eventhough, I cannot help the whole nation of Sri Lanka all alone. I hope my words here will bring many people all around the world to give me a hand to help the innocent people of Sri Lanka.

And very humbly I request a small amount of money to help. As, ‘We’ – human of the mother land called ‘Earth’ to help this human race suffering in difficulty and hunger due to a selfish government of Rajapaksa family.

Finally, I conclude by saying; NOT ONLY THE CUNNY SRI LANKAN BUT ANY INJUSTICE CANNOT MESS UP WITH THIS GENERATION So, I spoke out to the world regarding the condition in Sri Lanka with all my capacity.

Hope my words made you all too to stand for your country and people!



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