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Top 10 Animals with Amazing Hearing

Hearing is very important for both human and animals use sounds for hunting, communicate with its animal species and to survive.

Further, these are the Top 10 Animals with Amazing hearing;

Top 10 Animals with Amazing Hearing

1. Owl

animals with amazing hearing

Owls are animals with amazing hearing and they are very active at night and Owls have keen eye sight.

Further, Most of the species of owls have hears placed as one hear is slightly forward and other ear is placed higher than the other.

Because, the difference in the placement of the owls ears allows them to hear sounds exactly where a sound is coming from and help the owls to capture their small prey in the dark.  

2. Bat

animals with amazing hearing

Bats are another type of animals with amazing hearing of all land mammals and animal for their excellent flying skills because of their wings.

Why Bats use High Sound?

Bats hearing process is called as an echolocation to;

  • Detect prey and objects when flying.  
  • Bats emit ultrasound then the sound hits any object like; Prey, Tree and Building and bounced back to the bats to know exactly where that object is.  
  • More than using the eye sight, the Bats depend on their amazing hearing to find their prey such as, Moths, Beetles, and mosquitoes.  

Moreover, the exact range between species of bats differ between 1 and 200 kHz.

3. Dolphin

animals with amazing hearing

Dolphins are aquatic animals but similar to Bats as they are animals with amazing hearing and keen eyesight.

And the information dolpins get through the sound allows a dolphin to not only hunt effectively also to avoid any danger with a sound frequency range of 75 herz to 150 kiloherz.

4. Wax Moth

animals with amazing hearing

The Wax Moths are very small sized animals with amazing hearing a as even they can hear the Bats fr about 100 feets away which the moths use for their safety.

And the Greater Wax Moth is very well adapted to avoid bats with their exceptional hearing skill.

Further, the moths have a hearing frequency of up to 300 kiloherz also, it can hear 150 times more than you (human beings).

5. Elephant

animals with amazing hearing

You may wonder about the large ears the elephants got. It is because Elephants are amazing animals with amazing hearing.

How Elephants use their amazing Hearing?

  • Elephants use their ears to keep them cool in the hot climates.
  • The large surface and thickess of the ears help elephants to control the body temperature to keep it cooler for longer.
  • Elephants can also hear the calls of other elephants from about 4km away.

Furthermore, the elephants can hear sound at a frequency range of 12,000Hz and six times more than you (humans).

6. Cat

animals with amazing hearing

Cat is a domestic and pet animal that you all may like to have and they are also animals with amazing hearing.

And the cats can hear lower sound frequencies and higher sound frequencies than dogs with about three dozen muscles that control their ears to give them a 180 degree coverage so they can even react to musics and your sound movements.

7. Dog

animals with amazing hearing

Dogs are another kind of animals that you most love as pets because of their friendliness but dis you know that even the Dogs are animals with amazing hearing.

And the Dogs can hear sounds of even 800 metres away that’s why your dog will be infront of you, when you return back home or from any journey.

Further, Dogs are trained as police dogs because they have an average hearing range between 67 Hz to 45,000 Hz.

8. Wolf

animals with amazing hearing

In the list of carnivore, animals with amazing hearing are Wolves with smart sense of smelling.

And Wolves can hear sounds that are far away even 10 miles in the open and 6 miles in the forests of up to a maximum frequency of 80 kHz.  

Speciality Wolf’s Ears

  • Wolf’s ears are able to rotate independently (flexible) which allows the wolves to make sure of the exact direction of sound coming from.
  • Their amazing hearing ability helps the wolves to detect even the smallest sound to prey.

9. Horse

animals with amazing hearing

You may know only as Horses are fast runners but they are also animals with amazing hearing and have the ability to hear sounds far from 2.5 miles away.  

Further, they can detect sounds from up to 25 kHz and they can rotate their ears in 180 degrees which allows the horses to predict the exact direction of the sound.

Moreover, Horses need high hearing skills because they are animals that move to different places time to time so to be protected from animals like lion, tiger and other predators.

10. Pigeon

animals with amazing hearing

In the top 10 animals with amazing hearing the Pigeons are the last as they can hear sounds like;

  • Infrasound,
  • Sounds that are very lower than a human can hear.
  • They can know even distant storms, earthquakes and even volcanoes.

Further, with their amazing hearing ability and their navigational skills the pigeons are often called as best navigators in the animal kingdom. 

Finally, many animals in nature have high sound frequencies that can even save you from many problems and disasters.

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