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Top 4 Cutest Animals in the World

You and any human will like to see cute little things as they bring love and affection and if you are an
Animal lover then you may love to see cute animals more.

Because, animals make the world because and alive but there are some animals that look very cute so, here you Will come to know the cutest animals around the world.

The Cutest Animals on Earth

These are some of the numerous cutest animals around the world which can touch your heart with their cuteness and they are mentioned below;

1. Quokka

cutest animals

Among the list of numerous cutest animals around the world, the first cutest animal is Quokka and it is called as the ‘World’s Happiest Wild Animal’.

And Quokka is small cute creature with a natural smile and these animals only live is on Rottnest Island off the coast of Australia.

Also, the Quokka is known as Setonix brachyurus or also called by people as the short-tailed scrub wallaby.

Further, Quokka is a round, small creature like the size of a cat and its face looks both like a mouse and as a rabbit.

Moreover, this cute animals also possess quality of kangaroos where they carries its young in a pouch so, many people go to see these Quokka in Zoos and natural territories.  

2. Fennec Fox

cutest animals

Among the list of many cutest animals in the world the next is Fennec Fox which is considered as the smallest species of Fox too.

And the Fennec Fox known as  Vulpes zerda is a small fox that is native to the Sahara Desert. It lives in places like in:

  • Morocco,
  • Mauritania,
  • Egypt,
  • Northern Niger, and
  • In the Sinai Peninsula. 

Physical Appearance of Fennec Fox

When you speak about the fennec fox cute appearance it has a slender beast with a baby face with fluffy paws and large ears which can attract your heart with love.

Living Ways of Fennec Fox

The big ears of fennec fox help it to control heat as it is how it can survive in those hot climates and the thick fur on its feet protects the cute animal from the scorching desert sand.

And usually, this species of fox eat foods such as;

  • Small Birds,
  • Fruits,
  • Rodents, and 
  • Reptiles.

Moreover, a fennec fox only weighs about four pounds and no more.

3. Chevrotain – Mouse Deer

cutest animals

The Chevrotain known as Tragulidae, also known as the Mouse Deer is next cutest animals in the world and they are the smallest hoofed animal in the world.

And this cute Chevrotains are native to the warmer parts of countries like;

Southeast Asia, and
In Parts of Africa.

Further, are many species of chevrotain and all of  them are tiny in size as it depend on the species. Also, a chevrotain can weigh anywhere from 4 to 33 pounds only.

And amoung the cutest animals of the chevrotain species the smallest is the lesser Malay and the largest is known as the water chevrotain.

4. Hedgehog

cutest animals

You may have seen many cutest animals but this tiny creature is well popular in the cartoon world as its that cute to look.

And the animal hedgehog is known as Erinaceusis in as a member of the Erinaceinae family.

Further, there are 15 species of Hedgehogs and this cute creature lives around in some countries like;

Europe, and
Also, introduced now in Australia as there are hedgehogs there.

Physical Appearance of Hedgehogs

When you speak about the phycical apperance of Hedgehogs, they look round and has spiked body which are outmost with cute facial expressions.

And hedgehogs are tiny but these animals are not defenseless.

Living Ways of Little Hedgehogs

The cute little Hedgehogs have very sharp teeth and spines to make them difficult for any predators to catch and have them as food.

Finally, the above mentioned animals are not only the cutest animals on earth as each animal has its own beauty but these animals get the first rank.

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