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Top 5 Best Travel Backpack For Men And Women

Nowadays, travelers don’t just carry a bag to carry the essentials; they bring everything they need and leave no stone unturned in looking for a better traveling bag. This leads to packing every conceivable accessory and leaving nothing to chance. Hence, when you pack too much in your backpack, you may need to think of the best travel backpack that allows you to pack more without compromising on the size.

Travel backpacks are not only used for traveling and commuting but also an essential part of life, work, or college. The backpack is not only a means of transportation or storage. It is also the most important part of fashion. So, whether you’re a student, a freelancer, or a working professional, you need to take your backpack with you everywhere. Thus, it makes sense to choose the best backpack for you.

Traveling for long periods of time means the need to be comfortable. If you carry extra clothes, a laptop or books, it is important that it does not become uncomfortable, even after you get home. When you are moving, it is not just the luggage you have to worry about. You need to consider the fact that the weather and the elements may affect your bags, making them vulnerable.

We have curated a list of the top 5 best travel backpacks for men and women. Each backpack is made of good quality materials that ensure its durability, which is why these backpacks are known to last longer than any other backpack.

Let’s find out the best designer travel bags for men and women and read the complete buyers’ guide before buying one.

Our Pick Up Of Top 5 Best Travel Backpacks For Men And Women:

1) Matein Travel Laptop Backpack – Best Travel Backpack Under $30

The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack is a stylish yet functional backpack for laptop users. It is a great choice for the person who needs to use a laptop on the go, and it looks good too.

It is built with lots of pockets to store all the necessary equipment, including a laptop, smartphone, headphones, tablet, camera, and other personal items.

Its large capacity means you won’t have to worry about space for storing things. There are also several compartments for different types of gadgets, so you won’t lose track of them. The compartment also fits my 15-inch laptop and a 15-inch Macbook pro, 13-inch Macbook air, and 13-inch Macbook. It has plenty of room to spare for any laptop.

This best travel backpack for women is made from polyester, which makes it durable. The backpack is also easy to clean. You can remove and wash the padding separately and simply wipe it with a damp cloth to dry.

Additionally, it also has a sturdy design, and the foam padded back provides a lot of comforts when you carry it around. The straps and carry handles are adjustable, so you can find a comfortable fit.

As for the price, it is available at a very affordable price. This is a good value for the money, and it’s worth the extra to have this backpack as a travel bag.


  • Separate laptop compartment
  • Large main compartment
  • Front organizer compartment
  • External USB charging port
  • Luggage strap/ suitcase sleeve
  • Anti-theft zipper back pocket
  • Water-resistant


  • The comfortable airflow back design makes it easy to carry
  • Made from premium quality material 
  • Protect valuable items with a hidden anti-theft pocket


  • Some customers have complained that the water bottle pocket is relatively small for big bottles. 

2) Extra Large 52L Travel Laptop Backpack – Best Women’s Travel Backpack

If you need a huge backpack that can hold several things and you don’t want to carry it around all the time, then check out this Extra Large 52L Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port fit 17 Inch Laptops for Men and Women.

It’s made from a special blend of polyester and nylon fabric and has a durable, long-lasting construction. The backpack includes 20 storage pockets for all kinds of stuff, and the pockets are big enough to fit a variety of different items.

There’s a lot of space for everything. You can easily carry several items like notebooks, cords, etc. The bottom of the backpack has a USB port that lets you charge your phone without having to connect to an electrical outlet.

It also has two adjustable shoulder straps and a built-in belt for carrying the backpack. If you plan on using the backpack for a long period of time, then you can always get the extra-large version, which is even bigger.

One of the best things about this best travel backpack is that it comes with a sturdy, long-lasting handle, making it easier to carry the backpack. As this backpack is a little bit expensive, you might not want to get it for everyday purposes. But, it could be really useful when you’re going out and have a lot of stuff with you.


  • Comes with 20 independent pockets for extra storage
  • Can be used for multipurpose
  • Practical and convenient
  • External USB port with set-in charging cable
  • Made from premium quality, durable and sturdy material 
  • Waterproof and has a three-dimensional ventilation design 
  • Ideal for travelers men and women, and school students


  • Can carry a lot of stuff
  • The USB port is really useful
  • It’s made from high-quality materials 
  • It’s comfortable to carry around


  • It’s a bit expensive

3) SHRRADOO Anti Theft Laptop Backpack Travel Backpacks – Best Men’s Travel Backpack

We reviewed the anti-theft backpack for people who wanted something a little bit more functional than standard backpacks. The SHRRADOO backpack is a well-constructed bag for the traveler. It has a number of compartments to help keep your belongings organized. It also has a USB port to charge your mobile device, but unfortunately, it doesn’t provide its own power.

With the SHRRADOO backpack, you get an outer padded compartment with two separate compartments for laptops. The outer compartment is large enough to accommodate a 15-inch laptop, and the smaller compartment is sized for your computer and all the small things you might need during travel, like pens and small tools.

To prevent the laptop from sliding around in the bag, there’s a waist belt to keep it in place. While this may be helpful if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have power, it can be a problem if you have to travel over rough terrain. Another feature we liked is the anti-theft pad at the bottom of the backpack. This helps keep it from being pulled out of the bag when someone tries to steal your laptop.

The anti-theft design of this best travel backpack for women is the show’s star, though. The travel bag has a strap that runs around the outside of the backpack, and it’s also connected with another strap that runs from the middle of the backpack to the top. If someone were to try to pick up the bag, they would most likely struggle to get it off of you. However, this may not be the one for you if you’re looking for a functional backpack with many compartments.


  • Anti-theft travel backpack
  • Comes with a USB port design
  • Functional and safe to use
  • Comfortable and breathable 
  • Built-in USB charger outside
  • Offering maximum back support
  • Made from quality polyester fabric 
  • Two “S” curve padded shoulder straps 


  • It’s very comfortable to wear
  • The anti-theft design is great
  • It has a lot of compartments
  • The USB port is really useful


  • Waterproofing could be better

4) Travel Backpack, Extra Large 50L Laptop Backpacks for Men Women – Best Golf Travels Bag

For a larger backpack, this Travel Backpack is a strong contender built to last for years. The zippered laptop compartment is large enough to hold a 17-inch laptop, and there’s room for many items in the main compartment.

In addition to the three compartments, there are plenty of pockets on the outside for you to keep track of your items, and there is even a handy USB port in case you want to plug in your phone or laptop.

This backpack is TSA-approved, which is an excellent feature if you frequently fly. It’s very well designed and fits nicely in any size carry-on.

A few things about this backpack that may be useful are the two different sizes of shoulder straps. They’re adjustable and can be moved around to allow for different carry positions.

It has been well-designed, and the construction is good. The backpack is made from durable nylon fabric, and the zippers are good quality. You should consider buying this best travel backpack if you’re looking for a great laptop backpack.


  • Offer large capacity and well organized
  • TSA-approved and perfect for multipurpose
  • Comfortable to carry 
  • Built-in external USB port with Charging cable
  • Made from water-resistant, durable polyester material 
  • Thick and soft multi-panel ventilated pads


  • Ergonomic design
  • Offers extra large capacity 
  • There are a lot of compartments 


  • Not available yet

5) KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack – Best for Business Trips

The KROSER travel backpack is perfect for business trips as it has a sleek and professional design. The main compartment is large enough to hold a 17.3-inch laptop, and there are multiple compartments and pockets for you to keep everything organized. The highlight feature of this backpack is the built-in USB port that allows you to charge your devices on the go.

The backpack is made from high-quality polyester fabric and is water resistant to keep your belongings dry in case of rain. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded, making it comfortable to carry.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for a business trip as it has everything you need in a backpack. RFID Pockets with Identity protection function protects date encoded on most IDs, credit cards, and passports. Furthermore, the zipper and mesh water bottle pockets are perfect for holding all your essential items. So whether you are going on a business trip or a weekend getaway, this backpack has got you covered.


  • Made from durable polyester fabric 
  • Built-in USB charging port 
  • Water-resistant and anti-theft design 
  • RFID Pockets with Identity protection function 
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps 


  • Stylish and professional design 
  • Large capacity
  • Well-organized
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Some users find the USB charging port difficult to use

How To Choose The Best Travel Backpack – Travel Backpack Buyer Guide

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best travel backpacks on the market, it’s time to talk about choosing the right one for you. With so many options available, knowing where to start can be tough.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best travel backpack:

1) Size

Before purchasing a travel backpack, it is important to consider the bag’s size. The backpack should be large enough to fit all of the necessary items but not so large that it becomes cumbersome to carry. Packages that are too small will leave travelers scrambling to find space for their belongings, while those that are too big will be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. It is also important to consider the bag’s weight when empty, as this will impact how easy it is to carry on long journeys.

2) Material 

The material of the travel backpack is also an important consideration. Bags made from durable materials will stand up better to wear and tear, making them ideal for extended trips. Those made from lighter-weight materials may be more comfortable carrying but may not hold up well over time. When selecting a travel backpack, it is important to strike a balance between durability and weight.

3) Organization 

It is also important to consider how you will organize your belongings in the backpack. Some backpacks have internal compartments and pockets that help keep things organized. Others do not have any organization features, so you will need to be more careful about how you pack your things. Either way, it is a good idea to pack items that you will need easy access to in an easily accessible spot near the top of the backpack. 

4) Durability 

When choosing a travel backpack, it’s necessary to select one durable and made of high-quality materials. After all, you will be carrying all of your belongings in this backpack, so you want it to be able to withstand some wear and tear. Look for backpacks made of a sturdy fabric such as nylon or canvas. Avoid backpacks made of cheap materials such as plastic or vinyl as they are more likely to tear or break. 

5) Weight 

Keep in mind that the weight of the backpack will also play a role in how comfortable it is to wear. If possible, choose a lighter-weight backpack as it will make it easier to carry around. However, remember that lighter backpacks may not be as durable as heavier ones. 

6) Price 

Backpacks can range in price from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive. It is important to find a balance between price and quality when selecting a backpack. You don’t want to spend too much money on a backpack that won’t last, but you also don’t want to skimp on quality and end up with a backpack that falls apart after just a few uses. 


Can I use a travel backpack as a carry-on bag?

In most cases, yes. However, it is always best to check with the airline before your flight to be sure. Each airline has different size and weight restrictions for carry-on bags. 

How do I pack a travel backpack?

When packing a travel backpack, it is important to make use of all the compartments and pockets. Organize your belongings in a way that makes sense and will be easy to access when you need them. For example, pack heavier items near the bottom of the backpack and lighter items near the top. 

What is the best way to clean a travel backpack?

The best way to clean a travel backpack will depend on the material it is made from. For example, nylon backpacks can usually be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. However, it is always best to check the care instructions that came with your backpack before cleaning it. 

How often should I replace my travel backpack?

There is no definitive answer to this question. In general, it is a good idea to replace your travel backpack every few years or as needed. If your backpack starts to show signs of wear and tear, it is probably time for a new one. 

Does the warranty cover normal wear and tear?

No, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. However, it is always best to check with the manufacturer to be sure. 

How do I know if a travel backpack is comfortable?

One way to determine if a travel backpack is comfortable is to try it on and walk around with it. Another way to tell is to read reviews from other people who have used the backpack. Keep in mind that what is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another. 

Do I need a travel backpack if I am only going on a short trip?

No, you do not necessarily need a travel backpack if you are only going on a short trip. However, a travel backpack can be helpful if you plan to do a lot of walking or hiking. 


As you can see, there are a lot of different features and factors to consider when purchasing a backpack for travel. So, what are the best travel backpacks for men and women? We’ve shared our top five picks based on our own personal experiences and research. All of these backpacks would be great choices for your next trip, whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended journey around the world. Make sure to buy one now so you can have it packed and ready to go when the time comes! Now that you know what to look for, which one of these best travel backpacks is going to accompany you on your next journey?

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