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Top Cheapest Countries to Travel in 2022

One of the most loved habit of most people is travelling as some of you maybe addicted of travelling to different places and taste the beauty of nature.

And now, in the covid time even you could be among the people craving to travel around to have a peaceful mind so, you will definitely become happy if there are countries to be cheap and affordable and the answer is a big yes.

Moreover, here you will get to know the cheapest countries to travel with many benefits like;

  • Splendid Lifestyle,
  • Culture,
  • History, and
  • Natural Beauty.

Cheapest Countries to Travel in 2022

You can happily spend your vacation or journey by spending less money in the below mentioned countries in 2022 and they are;

1. India

cheapest countries to travel

Among most of the south Asian countries around the world, India is placed first as the cheapest country to travel with only 20$ per day.

And if you are willing to stay in india for some time  also for hunting deals then you can get cheap rooms that cost for only $3 range basic.

Further, it is very general to shower with a bucket of heated water so you will be more fortunate to find cheap rooms in the north parts of India but, in the south part of India with many gorgeous beaches that are filled with natural beauty.

Furthermore, you will be astonished to look upon the beautiful culture and different traditions prevailed in India by diverse of people. So, travelling to India will definitely save your money and give you unforgettable sweet memories.

Because, you can fulfill most of your needs by spending less like;

Transportation: $1 – $3 for a full day by bus.   
Meals: $3 – $6 per day.
Per night in a local guesthouse: $4 – $8
Transportation by train per day: $8 – $30. and
SIM card with data for 30 days: $3 for 1.5GB.

2. Cambodia

cheapest countries to travel

Another, cheapest countries to travel and enjoy is Cambodia as you can easily spend even a month in Cambodia with only $1000

And for per day expenditure, you will only need 25$ which is ultra cheap, the same cheap prices for food and alcohol.

Further, you can manage all your expeditures after looking upon the expenses that you need to handle per day and they are:

Meals: $5 – $10 per day but also some hostels provide free breakfast.
Per night in a hostel: $3 – $10.
Transportation by motorbike per day: $36-$15.
SIM card with 30 days valid data: $2 for 1.5GB.

Also, when you socializs with the cambodian people you will get to know their unique traditions and culture whicb will capture your heart.

3. Ukraine

You may know very well as its not an easy task to have a tour to Europe because of it’s mass development and expediture so, what will be your reaction if I say, there is a cheapest country in Europe to travel.

And that country is, Ukraine is the cheapest countries to travel in Europe with only $26 cost per day also it a challenging country to travel due to the language barrier and lack of reliable transportation.

But, if you are looking for an affordable budget for a European adventure then Ukraine is the perfect place. 

4. Nepal

cheapest countries to travel

Nepal is also among the cheapest country to travel in 2022 with less expediture but great experience with least cost for most foods, rental service and transport with just a few dollars.

Further, For food – you can get the cheapest and delicious home cooked meals in local running small cafes because, it much good to avoid street foods in Nepal.

Furthermore, the sceneries found in nepal, very traditional lifestyle of people will completely make you fall in love with your journey with per day expediture of 28$.

Meals: $5 – $10 per day but some hostels provide breakfast too.
Cost of rent for per day in a local guesthouse: $5-$10.
Transportation cost in avaerage: $10-$15.
SIM card with 30 days valid data: $3 for 1.25GB.

Finally, travelling and getting that opportunity is a blessing as not everyone will get the chance to travel around the world as a tour.

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