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What are the Symptoms of Diabetes?

The word ‘Diabetes’, is well known by you and many people today because of its high amount of patients.

As, Diabetes is a metabolic disease that is caused due to high blood sugar because the hormone insulin moves sugar from your blood into your cells to store or use it to produce energy.

And if you have Diabetes then, your body will not make sufficient amount of insulin or use the insulin it makes properly.

Further, Most importantly when you do not treat your high blood sugar from diabetes then, it can damage some of your body functioning of like;

  • Your Eyes,
  •  Nerves,
  • Pair of Kidneys, and
  • Other organs of body.

Symptoms of Diabetes


It is very important, for you to Identify whether you have Diabetes or not because no one consult the doctor always so, there are Diabetes Symptoms that you need to know of and be much careful with your food diet.

But, before you know the Diabetes Symptoms, you must know that there are Diabetes Types and each type has its different causes, unique symptoms, and the treatments

Types of Diabetes

These are some of the different Diabetes Types

1. Diabetes Type 1


The first Diabetes Type is Diabetes Type 1 and it is an Autoimmune Disease which mean it occurs when your body’s natural immunity system cannot identify the difference between its own cells and the foreign cells.

And then, your immune system attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas that is where insulin is produced.

Further, in the population of Diabetes Patients 10% of people is caused with Diabetes Type 1.

2.  Diabetes Type 2


Another, Diabetes Type is Diabetes Type 2 and this occurs when your body becomes resistant to insulin then sugar builds up in your blood.

  • Prediabetes

This Diabetic Type occurs in your body when your blood sugar is higher than normal but, it is not dangerous like the  Diabetes Type 2.

  • Gestational Diabetes

This Diabetes Type occur when your body will have high blood sugar during pregnancy and it is risky.

Because, the Insulin blocking your hormones will be produced by the placenta and this causes this type of diabetes.

  • Diabetes Insipidus

This is the Diabetes Type that makes your kidneys remove too much of fluid from your body. So, each of these Diabetes Type has its qualities separately and you must pay 100% attention towards your health.

Important Symptoms of Diabetes


There are some of the general symptoms of Diabetes that you will identify in the beginning stage of Diabetes then, consult your doctor and  get your blood sugar test with these following symptoms;

  • Very thirsty than earlier,
  • Feel to urinate (pee) a lot mostly at night,
  • Lose of weight without any change in food diet or exercise,
  • Feeling of very hungry,
  • Have a blurry eye sight,
  • Have numb feeling or tingling hands or feet,
  • Feeling of very tired,
  • Have very dry skin literally,
  • Have sores that heals much slower, and
  • Have more infections than usual.

Symptoms of Diabetes according to the Diabetes Type

1. Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes Patients who have Diabetes Type 1 have some special symptoms such as;

  • Will have Nausea,
  •  Vomiting frequently,
  •  Stomach Ache.

Diabetes Type 1 symptoms can develop in just a few months or weeks and get severe.

And Diabetes Type 1 can usually begin when you are at child age, teen or young adult, it can happen at any age.

2.  Symptoms of Diabetes Type 2

The next symptoms are for Diabetes Type 2 by taking several years to develop so, usually people don’t notice any symptoms at all.

Further, Diabetes Type 2 often begins when you are an adults and very less to children and teens.

Because, these symptoms are hard to identify but, it is important to know the risk for this type of diabetes so, when you notice the common symptom of Diabetes itself make sure to consult your doctor if you have any of them.

3. Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

This Diabetic Type occurs to females because it’s them who become pregnant and the Gestational Diabetes begins during pregnancy.

And usually no any symptoms are seen but, If you are pregnant then, your doctor must test you for gestational diabetes between the 24 and 28 weeks of your pregnancy.

Further, If needed you can make changes to protect your health and your baby’s health as it risky for both life.

Diabetes Treatments


You can consult your doctor and follow any western medicine for Diabetes but before you consult a doctor, you can be your own doctor and see through your health.

Because, it is nature which can show you safest treatment for diabetes or any health issues.

Moreover, these are some of the best food items that you can add in your daily food diet to control your diabetes and some of them are;

  • Decrease the consumption of foods with sugar,
  • Eat the vegetable called as Bitter Ground,
  • Eat Mango Leaves – dry the leaves to grind it as fine powder then mix it with water and have it at morning and evening,
  • Fenugreek Seeds – Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight then drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning daily to balance your glucose level,
  • Drumstick Leaves – consume these leaves by adding them to  your meal either salad or steam it like spinach.
  • Stay more under morning sunlight,
  • Consume more of foods like Orange juice, Soy milk, yogurt, etc.. that contains vitamin D,
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Finally, its in your hands to take care of your health and specially when it comes to diabetes.

And if you have problems with your Immunity then refer the below link;

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